Orjinalliği anlamanın yolları

How to Spot


2.5 million jobs worldwide in the last 20 years, due counterfeit fashion items have caused the loss

34% of people say they’re certain they have never purchased imitation goods.

7% of total world trade is now counterfeit goods.

102 trilyon TL by 2015 counterfeiting will have cost industries in lost revenue.

So how do you know if what you’ve purchased is the real deal?

Pretend Products: The 5 most common counterfeit fashion Products are…

Spotting Fake Fashion


Check stitching around labels, seams and pockets. Stitching should be strait, of equal length and have no fraying. Authentic high-end items will usually have more stitches per inch than counterfeit items.


Designer goods will generally use real leather. Real leather will have an irregular texture whereas fake leather will have consistent pattern of pores. Real leather will have a stronger chemical smell.


Zips should move smoothly and all hardware should feel heavy and be the same colour. Most high-end designers use matte hardware, whereas counterfeiters use lower quality hardware that has glossy gold finish. It’s best to find out what metal polish is used in the authentic model you’re after compare.


Make sure buttons are securely attached and have the designer logo if appropriate. Fake clothing will lack the detail that is given to genuine goods.


Logos should be perfect – anything slightly ajar should instantly raise alarm bells.
Most designers handbags will feature a metal logo, so be wary of anything made of plastic. Stitched on logos should have the sane number of stitches on opposite sides.


Designer labels usually use finger quality, both on the outside and lining of the item.


Make sure the spelling and language is correct on labels, tags and authenticity cards. Comments such as “100% genuine” often mean the opposite and should raise alarm bells.


Attention to detail goes beyond the actual product when it comes to desinger goods. Branded dust bags, tissue, paper, boxes and shopping bags are usually used and are often of high quality.