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How To Choose The Perfect Dresses According To Your Body Type…

There most common kinds of figures in womenare triangle, pear, round, hourglass, rectangular and apple. There are unlimited types of dresses to suit each of them. However, each body type has one or two specific types of dresses that make them look on point and an expert in fashion. Below is a quick guide for you to choose your clothes according to your body type and make people ponder how are you able to look fabulous in everything you wear.


If you have a thin waste and upper body and are heavier on the lower side of the body, then you have a triangular figure. For you a tailor fit dress with flare below waist will do wonders to your looks. It will accentuate your upper body while tone down the width of your lower body.

Pear Or Inverted Triangle

Needless to say if you have a slender lower body and a heavier upper body, you are the opposite of the body shape described above. For your body type airline cuts, and long shirts and dresses are the secret to balance your overall appearance. Thicker heavier prints will also help you look great.


If you have an overall round shape then you should go for loose dresses with bell sleeves or airline shirts. Pair your shirts with sleek, straight leg trousers or pants and you are good to go. As for dress designs and colors, go for smaller prints and lighter colors to bring out the curves and add style to your overall attire.


No matter what dress you choose, add a belt to accentuate your thin waist and you are good to go. If you are a fan of tucked in shirts, keep the shirt of loose fitting and look on point. Frocks with tight waists are also your best friend.

Straight Or Rectangular

Straight or rectangular figures have shoulders and hips almost the same size but without a visibly thinner waist. If you have such a body shape, then you should go for dresses that wrap you up and preferably have tighter mid sections. The idea is to bring out the original shape of your body while using the dress’s design to further add the feminine touch. Avoid belted dresses and go for straight cut shirts with shoulders and dress or shirt bottom of about the same length and with cinched middles. Longer dresses and gowns can really bring out your looks.


If you have a heavier middle body but slender top and bottom then you have an apple figure.The best choice of dress for you is tighter at the shoulders and flare at the bottom. Maxis and empire dresses are among the preferred choices for you.